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Fremont Occupational Therapy 

Welcome to the private practice of Domenique H. Embrey, MS OTR/L.

As a licensed and certified Occupational Therapist I help children grow and develop to their full potential. Together we will work on the skills that allow children to meet their milestones and succeed in their natural environment. When a child has a roadblock or obstacle to overcome, they need a strong and supportive team that can work with them and their families. Working closely with families, I have helped children and families move forward.

Teamwork is key!

My philosophy is that children do best when we work together as a team. Parents, teachers, and therapists all have unique perspectives and are critical in helping children reach their full potential. It is always an option to include parents in therapy sessions and phone consultations with teachers or other clinicians. Working together we can put a plan in place to address your child’s needs now and in the future.

Located in Fremont, California my practice serves children, adolescents and adults, struggling with mental health, developmental disabilities, sensory processing difficulties, handwriting, ADHD, Autism Spectrum, Down Syndrome, and Dyslexia.

My practice stands out in that it is a low volume practice with personalized attention. I offer convenient appointments to meet with your busy schedule. Please feel free to call me at 510-926-6677 for a brief phone consultation.