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OT Services: Across the Age Range

Early Intervention

Occupational Therapists work with children on their fine motor,

oral motor, and self-care skills. Whether your child was born

premature and needs help with feeding or if they are two years

old and struggling with fine motor activities, I can help.

Working with families to identify what your goals and needs are

for your child, we can work together to help your child succeed.

School Age Children

In today’s challenging academic environment, many children need extra help. For school age children, Occupational Therapy can assist with handwriting, fine motor skills, visual motor skills, social skills and attention and focus. I use sensory integration work, attention and focus activities, fine motor and visual motor games/activities,

gross motor skills, to help your child strengthen areas of weakness. Helping children manage their school and peer relationships is crucial to their development.

Assessment Services

As an Occupational Therapist I have extensive experience in evaluating and treating: Fine Motor, Visual Motor, Gross Motor, Handwriting, Social Skill development and progress toward Development Milestones. We will meet together and identify

what standardized evaluations are appropriate for your child.

The assessment and a follow up parent conference as well as a comprehensive written report are all available to families.


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